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Connection rod forge
Connection rod forge

Future progress means making and developing connections. The establishment of new and more complex connections characterize the time we live in.

Railway certainly forms a great deal of those bonds. We believe that fast, safe and reliable railway traffic makes a foundation for regional, as well as European, progress and future, and a base for its development. That is exactly what we, as a Company, won't to be a part of, guided by our quality management policy:

  • Fulfilling the top quality standards of our products with maximum costs reduction and productivity increasing
  • Settings the goals based on reality and their realization, constant improvement and upgrading with preserving of the process's efficiency
  • Ranking of customers satisfaction and meeting their demands with maximum protection of the employees and environment

Future brings us new challenges, but also new technologies to master them with and new ideas to inspire us. We envision our Company as a flexible and efficient system steadily developing, as a place of advancement and learning, as a reliable and important partner ready to meet challenges and adopt new technologies.

general manager
Predrag Madžarević, B.Sci.

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Parts for boogie Y25

Parts for boogie Y25 In our standard production range there are over 30 parts for boogie Y25. As most important single out upper pivot, lower pivot, side bearer lower part, side bearer upper part, brake levers, brake block hanger etc.

Draw Gear

Draw Gear One of the most important part of every rolling stock is draw gear. Considering great responsibility these parts have, we own TSI certificate for draw gear 850Kn and draw hook type A and type B.

Other parts for wagons

Other parts for wagons Other parts we produce for rolling stock are traction stop, cable hook, lenker and other parts according to buyers drawing.

Forged parts

Forged parts Considering our flexibility we are able to produce forged parts for many industries. We are producing parts for automotive, agricultural, mining and hydraulic industry.